Sherry Jackson

Sherry Jackson's career has included high-level positions in the city of Denver and state of Colorado. Her political campaign experience has extended throughout the state and into major African American organizations.   

Stephanie Takis


Gemma Lockhart


Pat waak, CO-pRESIDENT

Stephanie Takis is a former member of the Colorado General Assembly as a State Senator. She is active in local community organizations and serves on various boards in Colorado.    

Faye Maguire has a master’s degree in psychology and is a certified psychotherapist who works with mental health clients in Colorado. Prior to her current work, she was the owner of Paris on the Platte in Denver. 


Faye maguire, Vice - President

Colorado Women's Leadership Circles of Influence is a statewide membership-based organization dedicated to the identification and organization of women around the state of Colorado for the purposes of promoting change in public policy that benefits women, families and society at large.  

​Patricia Barela Rivera

Leslie Herod is the state representative for HD-8 in Colorado and a Truman National Security Project partner. She is a founder and board member of New Era Colorado.   

carolyn Boller, Secretary/tREASURER

Patricia Barela Rivera is a longtime  advocate for women and minorities. Her career has included 11 years with the SBA and running her own business. She has been recognized by numerous organizations for her contributions and achievements.

​Adams County- ​Jane Ford-

​Thornton- Stephanie Scott-

Boulder County- Cathy Carlson-

​Boulder/Weld-Erie- Colleen Clarke-

Chaffee County- Pam Richardson-

Delta County- E. Anne Every-

Denver County- tbd

Larimer County- Martha Coleman-

Mesa County- Jo Lynn Phillips-

Montrose County- Jayne Bilberry

Weld County- Patricia Bruner

​Su Ryden is a marketing and PR pro, former State Representative and an active community supporter.  Sue has distinguished herself as a champion of veterans, teachers and other hardworking Coloradans.  Sue has a BA from the University of Denver in Mass Communications

Patricia Bruner, Outreach

​​Founding Members

Carolyn Boller spent many years as a caseworker for members of the U.S. House of representatives and the US. Senate. She has also been a major political organizer and office holder of political organizations. 

Pat Waak is a registered nurse, a Jungian psychotherapist, and holds a doctor of ministry degree. Her public service has encompassed the Federal, state, university and non-proft sectors focusing on the well-being and rights of women, children and the environment.  

Patricia is the former chair of the WCDP, a former neighborhood team leader for Organizing For America and a longtime community activist.

Leslie Herod

​county group leaders

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Gemma Lockhart is a journalist and filmmaker who has been invited to work extensively among American Indian tribes in the United States. She feels the most important part of leadership is listening.